HaDerekh Youth

HaDerekh Youth (The Way) is the name of our Youth Group for Jr. & Sr. High Teens. There are weekly Scripture Studies and monthly fun youth activities. The purposes of our HaDerekh Youth group are...

Kiruv: Reaching out to unaffiliated Jewish teens to encourage them to consider faith in the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua, and to grow in their identity as Jews.

Kesher: Encouraging Messianic Jewish teens to kesher (connect) with one another to encourage them in their faith in Messiah, and to strengthen their identity as Jews.

Avodah: Celebrating G-d’s presence and honoring Him with our lifestyle through worship, which includes practicing the reality of our faith in Messiah through serving others both within our synagogue, as well as in the greater community.

Lilmod: Growing in our knowledge of G-d through structured Scripture study, prayer and accountability.

HaDerekh Youth Programs focus on providing Jewish youth religious instruction and life direction. We want our children to take G-d seriously both now and for the rest of their lives.

Check out our website for more information: Haderekhyouth.com