HaDerekh Youth

HADEREKH (The Way) is the name of our Youth Group for Jr. & Sr. High Teens. There are weekly Scripture Studies on Wednesday Nights and special HaDerekh Youth activities most Saturday nights. The purposes of our HaDerekh Youth group are...

OUTREACH: Reaching out to non-Messianic Jewish teens, inviting them to hang with us so that we can communicate with them about the truth of who G-d is and the Good News of Messiah Yeshua.

FELLOWSHIP: Encouraging Messianic Jewish teens, inviting them to hang with us so that we can encourage them in their faith in Messiah, and to strengthen their identity as Jews.

MINISTRY: Practicing the reality of our faith in Messiah through serving others both within our synagogue, as well as the greater community.

WORSHIP: Celebrating G-d’s presence and honoring Him with our lifestyle.

DISCIPLESHIP: Growing in our knowledge of G-d through structured Scripture study, prayer and accountability.

HaDerekh Youth Programs focus on providing Jewish youth religious instruction and life direction. We want our children to take G-d seriously both now and for the rest of their lives.